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2023 FEstival Program

2023 SHeep Trail Map

This map follows the trail that the sheep
herds use to get from the lambing grounds
to the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Follow
the Sheep Trail Viewing Route to see the
trailing sheep and all the dogs, horses, and
herders with them, camps being moved,
and even parts of the Oregon Trail.

To get to the sheep trails from Kemmerer,
head North on Highway 189 out of town.
Turn left on Highway 233, you will pass the
Event Center and continue another 3.5 miles
before turning left on Dempsey Ridge Road.
The road is on a corner right before a bridge
and kind of hard to see. Watch for a sheep
festival sign. Continue along this main dirt
road as far as you’d like to see the trailing
herds and moving sheep camps.
You may also see the trailing herds by
driving through Fossil Butte National
Monument, just follow the road that goes up
past the visitors center. All tours are weather
pending due to dirt roads and if we’re able
to begin trailing the herds on time. For
more information or to set up a time to
follow along with the sheep rancher while
she moves the camps, contact Marie at
307-723-0736 the week of the Festival.

Trail Map.png
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