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2023 Art Silent Auction Entries

Silent Auction Rules at bottom of page

Young Friends
Cat Urbigkit

This image of a young lamb and livestock guardian pup demonstrates the start of what will become a lifelong bond between the two species. Photo taken in 2020. Dimensions: 12 x 18

Winter Trailing
Marie McClaren

After another big snow storm covers what’s left of the feed, we’re forced to move the herd to an area more accessible for hauling hay into them. The sheep trail by us as we head to move the camp. Photo taken in 2023. Dimensions: 11 x 14

Gwen Geis

Multi-colored sheep. Digital Photo. Dimensions: 20 x 16. Thumbnail is cropped display.

The River
Alex Benja

The sun rises as a herd of sheep makes its way high into the mountains in search of greener pastures for the summer. Photo taken in 2022. Dimensions: 2800px x 1867px

Sunset Trail
Cat Urbigkit

A line of domestic sheep trailing at sunset across Wyoming's sagebrush rangelands. Photo taken in 2020. Dimensions: 8 x 24

Baadonna and child
Liberty proffit day

Ewe and lamb together in late spring.  Watercolor created in 2022. Dimensions: 11"x15" without mat, 16"x20" with mat.

Grazing Amongst the Pricklies
Alison Crane, phd

Sheep grazing this spring in Northwest Wyoming on a cloudy day. Photo taken in 2023. Dimensions: 10.68 x 26

Argentina Sheep barn
lindsay conley-stewart

Photo taken in 2021. Dimensions:  x

Ewe with Lamb
Lindsay COnley-Stewart

 Created in . Dimensions:  x

Shepherd and the Salt
Heather jones

Weston pouring salt out on the rock rim salt licks for the sheep, on Copper Mountain. Photo taken in 2022.

Wool Blind
Liberty Proffit Day

A wool blind wether lying down in the grass using drip down watercolor technique. PIece created in 2021. Dimensions: 11"x15" without mat, 16"x20" with mat.

The Interview Committee
Dr. Megan Beavers

Livestock guardian dogs are such an integral piece of raising sheep; especially in Wyoming. It’s an amazing thing to see the watched become the watcher. Created in 2023. Acrylic Paint. Dimensions: 16 x 12

Winter Wonderland
Alison Crane, PhD

Commercial sheep after a winter storm in Northwest Wyoming. Photo taken in 2022. Dimensions: 8.6 x 24.5

Coming Home
Heather Jones

Sheep trailing home from the mountains. Photo taken in 2022. Dimensions: x

beauty of autumn
Steve moyles

Photo taken in 2022. Dimensions: x

Lindsay Conley-Stewart

Dave Foley shearing at UW. Dimensions:  x

Shearing in Uruguay
Lindsay COnley-Stewart

Photo taken in 2021. Dimensions:  x

Argentina_Sheep_Barn Large.jpeg

Woolcraft Silent Auction

Silent Auction Rules

RUles for Art & Woolcraft show Silent Auction

  • Minimum bids must be received in order for the piece to sell.

  • Payment must be received (cash, check, venmo, or credit card) prior to taking possession of the piece.

  • Bidding will go live on site and online (via posts commenting, call, or text) at 9 am, July 1, 2023.

  • Those bidding by phone must stay updated on the next bids by online bidding posts.

  • Bidding will close at 8:30 pm on the same day.

  • The winning bidder will be notified by phone or email and payment must be received within 30 minutes of the auctions conclusion.

  • If payment is not received promptly, the next highest bidder will receive the art.

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